O'Reilly Out at Fox News

Fox News’ decision to fire Bill O’Reilly may still be making ripples throughout the world of cable news, but a new report indicates that within Fox News, employees are worried that the worst isn’t over yet.
While some Fox News staffers were happy that O’Reilly had been fired, others were crying, according to a recent report by Vanity Fair. One Fox News insider told the publication that “there’s more to come” — referring to other women who will go public about sexual harassment that they endured at the hands of their co-workers at the network. Two other people who claimed to have heard such stories directly shared the same observation. In addition, there are concerns that 21st Century Fox’s handling of the allegations will draw scrutiny within the company.
O’Reilly himself did not find out that he had been fired until Wednesday morning, as he was heading to the important from a vacation in Italy.

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