10 Inspirational Female Tech Entrepreneurs

Despite the recent strides we have seen in gender equality, there is still a lack of women in prominent roles in the technology sector. According to a 2016 "Future of Jobs" report from the World Economic Forum, women only make up 5% of CEOs and 19% of board members in the Information and Communication Sector.
In developing Asian nations like Indonesia and Malaysia, I believe that female Asian entrepreneurs have an edge simply because it is a tougher region to change regarding perceptions and roles of women in society.

To make a change in these attitudes, it is important for women entrepreneurs to be loud, to be noticed and to share their stories of success and failures. Here are just a few of my favorite female lead success stories coming out of Southeast Asia that are not only disrupting the tech industry but serve as an inspiration to female tech entrepreneurs like myself and those yet to come.

1. Fransiska Hadiwidjana

Armed with a strong IT background, several coding challenge titles and an honors degree from the Institute of Technology Bandung, Fransiska is poised to disrupt the tech industry with her innovative ideas.  She is currently CEO of her own tech startup called Prelo, a mobile-first e-commerce marketplace for Indonesia that is based on using environmentally friendly technology and community empowerment.

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